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Pluse, can also mean And, or Also,
and used in Math and Sience
you get the point
by private October 30, 2003
Lowest rank in the Army, Something secret.
"Thats Private Information"
"Private Bob!"
by private October 30, 2003
a Knight who practices in Evil magic, and a lover of Darkness.
Oppisite of a Paladin
by private October 30, 2003
A Portal through deminsions
A Grand Complex
Used as a Main Building in the Game Starcraft
by Private October 22, 2003
A Giant creature, a Behemotrh is a big-ass creature...
... Jeff shoots an arrow at the BEHEMOTH.
Arrow hits it in the eye.
by Private November 07, 2003
1. Commonly used to describe the gravitayional force (wieght) of an object.

2. A slang word for good/excellent/tense
1. Something weighing 10, 000lbs would be heavy.

2. That's a heavy game
by private February 05, 2004
A Giant Behemoth that lived in the water. can be found in the book THE BIBLE.
Jeff gets on a boat and sails to the ocean to say 'HI LEVY" to the LEVIATHAN
by Private November 07, 2003
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