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4 definitions by prinmare

Mothers Who Like to Fuck
Mothers who aren't afraid to say they like doing the nasty, risking embarassment to their children by giving to much information. Mothers that aren't afraid to own up to their sexuality despite a roadmap of stretch marks. Usher is looking for a new MWLF to replace the used-up one.
by Prinmare September 14, 2010
Toxic people, people who are so full of shit, that their actions will damage the ozone, the environment and destroy democracy if given power. Corporations that don't have solutions for oil spills.
Dick Cheney lacks a heartbeat b/c he is an endangered feces. Doctors have to jumpstart his humanity.
by prinmare July 15, 2010
When your husband is accused of fooling around with strippers, it's the wife's duty to report that he is well-endowed.
Despite accusations of strippers, Fergie invoked the Anaconda Rule, as her reason to stand by her man. Amen to that, sister.
by prinmare November 12, 2009
Ladies who provide ultra-strength, refreshing, topical and tropical relief to America's best golfer. Found in restaurants or other service industries. Women of color can't relieve pain.
When Elin found out he was using Tiger Balm, she went up side his head with a golf club.
by prinmare December 07, 2009