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WHAT IS THIS WHOLE THING ABOUT??!?! i believe there should be no problem at all with wearing A&F or not...everyone does what he likes best!no point despising people who wear abercrombie, it might cost a lot more than it should, but it's their choice, not yours! and i don't really think it's that "preppy" or expensieve...damn, come to italy if you want to see something really crazy or fashionable!i didn't even know abercrombie and fitch existed before my best friend took me to the store in london and when i saw it i realized it sell the most anonymous clothes i had ever seen!they're not bad but...nothing special..not at all!that's why there are no A&F stores in italy or in france: it would simply fail!
so stop this stupid war and mind your own busyness, cus laughing at people who wear A&F is just going to make you more conformist than ever...think about it!

(sorry for my shoddy english, but i'm italian...)
"anticonformist": oh look...she's wearing abercrombie and fitch! what a bitch! they all look the same!
friend: yeah, true... look, no black clothes, no black eyes, no rasta hair! everyone should have them...just like me and you...and all our friends! she sucks!
by prinicipessa May 09, 2007

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