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"Southern preps" are people from the Southern or Mid-Western United States who attempt to mimic Northeastern prep culture to overcompensate for their insecurities of being a "redneck," whether conscious or subconscious. They often point out what is "trashy" and what is not because of this insecurity.

Southern male preps typically wear Ralph Lauren button-downs and the females buy expensive handbags, believing they resemble East Coast preps. East Coast preps are from the Northeast, not the Southern seaboard, and represent Northeastern culture by wearing brands such as J. Press, considered the quintessential preppy brand, and occasionally wear brands like Ralph Lauren. Southern preps know nothing of brands such as J. Press and instead, wear brands like J. Crew or Lactose.

Southern Preps drive pick-up trucks or SUVs. In the Northeast, pick-up trucks and SUVs are considered low-class and redneck. East Coast preps primarily drive fine European automobiles, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars, not SUVs, representing their refined taste.

East Coast preps play sports such as lacrosse and crew. They attend East Coast schools, which are known for their high educational standards and their lacrosse and crew teams. Southern schools are known primarily for football and basketball.

Southern preps vacation in mundane places like Georgia, while East Coast preps vacation in the Hamptons. Southern preps who visit New England or the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT), stick out like a sore thumb.
Southern Preppy Guy: Hey, what're y'all ladies doing tonight?

New York Preppy Girl 1: Ewww. Why is it talking to me?

New York Preppy Girl 2: Ignore it. It's a Southern Prep. Just keep walking.
by princetongrad November 14, 2011

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