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1 definition by princess pokey

the act of double-fisting.

note - this term implies that each hand is in a separate place (otherwise it would be Sooty & Sootying (or, arguably, Sweep & Sweeping), which sounds gash).

this phrase takes its name from the act of inserting both hands into 80s tv stars, glove-puppets Sooty (the annoying yellow one) & Sweep (the awesome squeaky one).

author's note - i would personally usually start with Sooty on the left & Sweep on the right, but this is down to personal preference.
Poke - "is your nan out tonight?"

Mouse - "no, she was out on a ketamine bender last night & ended up getting Sooty & Sweeped by a couple of trannies."
by princess pokey May 04, 2011