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(n) lazy ass; dumbass
My dog is such a louce. All she does is sleep and meow.
by princess of sheepa March 11, 2005
(n) A hairball/hamster with a fat head and small nonusable legs and arms. Often gets caught in cake batter and ropes.Enjoys ruining people's lives with massive amounts of chem. homework, and likes stealing other people's powerpoints and not doing anything herself. Can also be used as a verb as in...Stop fucking jibbing around.
The fucking jib has the biggest head i have ever seen; Just look at the size of that jibs head; you're such a jib sometimes.
by princess of sheepa March 11, 2005
(n) Fat head. As in an largely obese head.
You are such a fead;
Get your fead away from me.
by princess of sheepa March 11, 2005
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