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1 definition by princedrake

Back in the day, Carebear referred to a person or a game mechanic which eliminated or reduced all risk and challenge and realism from the game.

These days people throw the term carebear around to mean ANYTHING derotagory. Want to craft? You're a carebear! Don't want to play an mmorpg like a first person shooter? You're a carebear! Don't like to play the game like I play the game? You're a carebear!

The term carebear has become mangled and meaningless. But it used to mean something important to hardcore gamers.

Examples of the ORIGINAL term are:
No full loot was "carebear"
Safe zones were "carebear"
Limits on who you can attack and where you can attack them were "carebear."
Limits on freedom in general were "carebear."
Instances were "carebear."

Carebears were people who wanted devs to develop/change games to make their gaming experience easy, safe, and cozy. No risk, no challenge, no realism. Cozy like a carebear.
by princedrake August 21, 2007