13 definitions by prince

Prince and roper said it means appealing
im so durty atractive.
by prince October 04, 2004
prince sed sumtin that slaps hella hard
if im listening to 2 15" subs in my ride bunpim Ciara - 1 2 Step, my frends say "thats shits groovy!"
by prince October 15, 2004
1. Overly emotional human being
2. Man with large, protruding ribs
3. Man with pear-shaped pelvic region
See that kid in the emo glasses and Falloutboy hoodie over there? Kid's such a Gibrone.
by Prince January 07, 2005
prince and roper said it means oops my bad
if u did something wrong you'd say "im so illiterate"
by prince October 05, 2004
The term applied to a homosexual man who will knock you out and suck your dick.
"Man, I woke up with a knot on my head, and my pants around my ankles..."
"Sounds like you got a visit from Mommy Dearest"
by Prince November 30, 2004
When a male gets his penis pierced. This can go in many ways. It is most commonly done in that the peircing goes up through the bottom of the penis and comes though the urethra. The peircing goes after the head and before the bottom of the foreskin cut off. It is a reletively painless procedure and makes everything better for both parties. aka p.a.
Lee has a P.A.. It is really nice. His girlfriend never wants to stop doing the nasty. It makes her happy lips happy. Go Lee go
by prince April 23, 2003

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