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man that the shi*. Replaced by street-comedy culture to avoid using the common obseinity. It means its the best or the most coolie. In that instance, its better then everything else. When exclaimed, it is then super coolie
Yo, check out that ride, that's the shiznet! OR, Whoa, that ice, is the SHIZNET, check that stuff out! OR, yo' this dime bag and shiznet, you doped up man? OR, hot damn that rim is the SHIZNET!!!!!!
by pride fire July 05, 2004
coming from the word coolie with super added to give it more impact. It is the exclaimed form of coolie. its backround is young teens primarily 13-16. Used in a excited mood, or too express happiness, or how cool something is, but saying that nothing else could ever, ever, compare.
"DUDE! That board is super coolie! Where'd u get it!?" OR, "Oh my god, i was just walking around when i saw some girl, she was super coolie." OR, man that cd is so great, its Super coolie! OR as an adjective, "how was your day?" "My day was fun, it was super coolie!" OR "Im so super coolie"
by pride fire July 05, 2004
the word coolie is simple it's a emphasized form of cool. The i,e adds the fact that it is amazing, or shocking. it can also be used a adjective meaning, good and calm.Its backround is from teenage youth, primarily girls, and most boys too.
"hey i just got these new nikes!" "Thats so coolie!" OR oh my god, i went to the mall, and i saw the most coolie shirt ever! OR, dude your so not coolie, your not anything leave me alone. OR, as a adjective... "Im so sorry im late!" "Oh its all coolie." here 'coolie' is describing that its all good, everythings okay, and calm.
by pride fire July 05, 2004
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