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A woman that tends to lead men into a spiral of desperate wanteness. The woman then ditches the men to proceed on with her game of chase.

She flirted with me nonstop, then she ripped my heart out, what a vag waggler.
by pricy January 19, 2007
A highly seductive process by which a man or woman oscillates from the hips in a sitting position. Accompaning the bouncing motion is the wink (1 per 2-3 bounces) which causes the target to lose all sexual control and become immediately infatuated with the bounce-and-winker. The bounce and wink is not to be used lightly as its effectiveness is near perfect.
Across the way I spotted a hot little bitty looking my direction. I gave her the bounce and wink to solidify her lust for me.
by pricy January 19, 2007

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