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A 5 hour errection. The opposite of a Raiden: 5 months without an errection.
I had a Solid Snake during my speach to the President ... I wonder why I got the job as his 'PERSONAL' bodyguard.
by PrezMeister March 06, 2007
When two people have sex up a tree. Yes, the tree is like and extra person there alot you and do with it ... use your imagination!
Derek: Let's have sex
Ronnie: Ok
Derek: Just you, me and the tree
Ronnie: Ohhhh, a treesome you thoughtful bastard
Treebranch: Ohhhhh baby ...
by PrezMeister December 06, 2007
A sexual act. Like an ordinary spitroast however involving 2 women and 1 man instead. The man doggy styles 1 of the women whilst she is liking the other womans pussy rather than sucking another mans dick.
The 3 amigos knows how to give a Spanish Spitroast
by PrezMeister March 06, 2007
Someone who claims they are Dislectsic but they are just really Sick of Licking Dicks. This is usually done to get a free laptop from the school.
Big John was the founder of DickLickSick disease (and left school with a £1500 Sony laptop)
by PrezMeister December 06, 2007
Friday Night Movie (Chinese Style) is when a chinese man asks a girl on a date, when they finish he rents a movie (must be a DVD) they sit and watch it. When it finishes he moves in for the kill (a shag). However, after he applies the condom he sticks his penis inthe hole of the DVD he rented then fucks her with his cock still in the DVD hole.
Mr Lee gave Miss Wong a Friday Night Movie
by PrezMeister April 29, 2007
A guy (or girl if you insist) who instead of using his/ her hand uses their butt.
A Plestowean Butt Lord will not use their hands to pick upthe TV remote they use their put cheeks to get it.
by PrezMeister December 06, 2007
A sexual act. When a guy want to get back at his bitch for cheating on him, or just really piss her off. He goes to have sex with her (doggy style other wise she'll see whats going on) he puts chilli sauce on the condom then fucks her. the aim of of the game it is to see how long you can keep on beforeshe bucks you off because her beef cutains will be burning.
Gary: that bitch is cheating on me
Paddy: give her a Mexican Rodeo ... i gave your mum one
by PrezMeister October 13, 2007
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