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a ditty with round properties. like an orange song.
tune unkown.
monkeypenis, penis monkey!
by pretzel February 02, 2005
this is the art of fellatio on someone who is pyroflatulating. (pyroflatulation)

not to be taken lightly.
what's the smell?
'oh god! what are those rattlesnakes up to?'
'wel we can rule on thing out for sure.....knitting'
'oh, and pyroflatulatio'
by pretzel February 04, 2005
when one lays an incredible small amount of turd. They have 'split the flatule' and created an f-bomb.
whilst working out his special and general relativity theries, einstein conjured up the knowledge that could ruin the world.

he looked upon his toilet bowl, and realised he had laid an f-bomb.
by pretzel February 03, 2005

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