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a city in michigan a.k.a. saginaw
where you stay if your'e from saginaw
by pretty ricky December 13, 2003
joint, usually a skinny long one, rolled in an orange style zig zag, aka pinner
the dude had a spleef rolled
by pretty ricky December 13, 2003
second largest city in michigan, also known as grand rapids, there is no actual rapids,just a dirty brown river, with a fish ladder, it's a cool place but yeah, kinda raggity
if your from the biggest city north of chicago, and west of detroit, you must have found grand raggity
by pretty ricky December 13, 2003
stands for pre-rolled, not to be confused with the nationality abv.,
usually pertaining to a ready to smoke,
joint or blunt
let's party. who can roll one?, don't worry, homeboys gotta p.r.
by pretty ricky December 13, 2003
a marijuana ciggarette, joint, spleef,
they where smokin a jib, and passing it to the left
by pretty ricky December 13, 2003
a city in the northwest corner of michigan's lower peninsula, known for it's casino's hotels,cherries,a nice place to visit or live: real name traverse city
im hittin fer slots, bouncin to tragic
by pretty ricky December 13, 2003
A primp is a girl pimp.
Damn, I owe my primp, can i borrow some money off you?
by Pretty Ricky May 25, 2005

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