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Holy Cross girls are beautiful, fun loving, happy, peppy girls. All the time they are stereotyped of being a slut when it is NOT true, to all the cowards who just say we are sluts when we aren't, there the true sluts. Holy Cross girls are true friends and are sisters forever! They never forget each other, and they're all like a big family in the school! All the stereotypes are fake, and holy cross girls are tired of being known as what other people think just because they might be jealous! All the high schools are good in different ways, and i'm not going to be like the girl who trashed holy cross by saying holy cross is bad and every other school is good, because EVERY school has different characteristics! ALL the schools are great, please just stop stereotyping the holy cross girls when you DONT even know them!

Girl Who Stereotypes Holy Cross: OMMMGGG, all holy cross girls are sluts, they always steal girls boyfriends!

Holy Cross Girl: Why would you say that when you don't even know holy cross or me, BTW, your man came to me. ;)
by preppyglamour1232 June 16, 2011

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