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1 definition by preppieinpink

This is written from a fourteen year old prep, thus it pertains to a younger prep crowd. Preppiness is more an attitude than a per say, "a clothing style". However, you cannot consider yourself a prep without having the proper attire. First of all, as for high school preps, you CANNOT get away with wearing Aero. It's the cheapest imitation of prep style there is, sorry. American Eagle is alright for a pair of jeans or a hoodie to lounge around your house in, but just go and buy at least Victoria's Secret Pink sweats. You have to wear Ralph Lauren Polo, there's no other way around it. Lacoste is a must also. You can totally get away with wearing Abercrombie & Fitch at this age- $50 for a polo is about as much as Vineyard Vines and Abercrombie is an older brand, not some new store. Hollister is okay, it's inbetween AE and A&F. However, dressing in only these brands prevents you from being a prep. Preps have style, we wear our Tiffany's & Co. charm bracelets & matching neckleces, monogramed of course. Pearls have become overated because fakes are so prevelant. There are specific color schemes we adore. Navy & white, black & white, pink & green, and navy & pink are always great choices. We don't dye our hair outrageous colors and our hair doesn't look overprosessed. Other brands you can wear are Izod, Juicy Couture, ABS, , Calvin Klein, Guess (sometimes...), DKNY, C&C, Sevens, Seven7's, Gap, Banana Republic, Nauctica, Express, bebe, Hilfiger, Burberry, and all upper-brand labels (Gucci, Chanel, Prada, YSL, etc.) Department stores like Macy's, Nordstrom's, & Saks are great for dressier clothes or basics. Preps use brand named make-up: Estee Lauder, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, most anything from Sephora, etc. There are some accesories, besides jewelry, that are uniquely prep. I think that a Burberry or Michael Kors watch is always a nice touch. Handbags have a broad range: Vuitton (don't even try a fake, if you can't afford it it shows), Chanel, Dior, Brighton is sweet, Tod's... most any high-end label. A Polo or Lacoste tote is perfect to grab to take to your Club's pool for the day. Monogramed totes are cool for that sort of thing also. As far as sunglasses go, I'd stay with labels again. Versace, Dior, Chanel... just too classic. Shoes should be simple and stylish, refrain from too high of heels. Stick with a lower pump, kitten heel, Sperries, Kitson, ballet flats (London Soles), Lacote has some great sneakers... anything simple. We do get our nails down frequently, however they are our REAL nails, and not too long in neon colors. Prep music can vary, personally I enjoy the independent scene to break away from the town I live in. However, soft rock is another excellent choice. Preps should go to Country Clubs, I think this is more important than private schools. If you are a real prep, you either have old money or educated parents. They own a company or are business people, are bankers, doctors, lawyers, or stock brokers. We arn't stuck up- we just believe in a classy lifestyle. We mix cutting edge fashion with classic pieces. Education is key. If you are a real prep at fourteen, you'll know it by how you've been raised. If you go to new countries, have three or four nice vacations a year, cruise, and have summer houses, that's a good sign. Houses are in nice neighborhoods, new or old. Typically you're paying for a lot more than your house. Our attitude might be what is so unique. We're bubbly and out-going. We are sweet to most everyone and are leaders; expect to see us in student council or class office. If you hate someone who is nice to everyone, you're purely jealous. Prepdom is more than a social class, it's a way to live.
Prep One: Hey Kat, are we still going to Tyson's this weekend?
Prep Two: Can we go the following weekend? I forgot, the Club's tennis championship is on Friday...
Prep One: That's totally fine, I think Ruehl and Lacoste are having sales then anyway. Good luck!
Prep Two: Thanks Addison, toodles!
by preppieinpink March 31, 2007