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A unnecessary cough issued close to a smoker in a passive aggressive way to alert the smoker to the common distaste of their habit.
Smoker 1: Yeah, so I was knee deep...
Passerby: *Cough*
Smoker 2: Was that just an asshole cough? C'mon. We all die in the end, man.
Passerby 2: *Cough*
by prayforwinter July 21, 2010
One with a strong predisposition or enthusiasm regarding James Franco's multifaceted contribution to film, painting, literature and overall quality of human life.
Jamesfrancophile 1: I consider Palo Alto Mr. Franco's finest work. His prose is impeccable.

Jamesfrancophile 2: Quite. I enjoyed the last story, in fact, prefer it. His James Dean should visit our bungalow! The times to be had...

Jamesfrancophile 1: He could be stuck in our rock for 127 hours, I wouldn't mind one bit.

Jamesfrancophile 2: Aye. Concur. A toast!
by prayforwinter May 19, 2011
When two guys just want to, you know, watch movies in the afternoon.
Male 1: Hey man, let's watch that new Palme D'Or/Oscar nominated film. Hell, let's have a double mantinee.

Male 2: Awesome. I'll bring my popcorn popper.

Male 1: What it is!
by prayforwinter May 13, 2011

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