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A mostly art-based school in Brooklyn, NY. Other majors include architecture, writing, and something involving construction. "Critical Visual Studies" is also offered, but noone at Pratt knows wtf that is.

Student population is approximately

75% self-made contradictory art stereotypes
10% rich lazy kids who wanted their parents to pay for them to go a school where they don't have to take 'hard' classes (but then get upset when they realize they get just as much work from studio classes) )art therapy, critical and visual studies majors, etc)
10% serious genuine human beings who want to get a degree in something they love (fashion, interior design, architecture, comd majors, etc)
5% Guys who wear very tight pants
I go to Pratt Institute. It's expensive and alot of the students are ridiculous, but it's a good school for someone who wants an honest degree in art.
by prattstudentftw May 01, 2009

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