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Zephyrhills is a small town located in the center of the state of Florida. Let me tell you all about the "lovely" people that live here. Basically, 13 year old girls walk around in slutty clothes, have a new boyfriend every week, have sex all day, smoke weed, drink, and talk shit. The only places that we have are Zephyrhills Park, the Bowling alley, the movies, and that's about it. The guys smoke weed, drink all day, have sex, skateboard, and hit on girls. It's always hot and the police is always around picking on the kids. The adults live in trailers all day and don't give a damn about their kids doing stupid things. The kids go to some shit schools that have the colors as orange and black. The teachers don't give a damn and the students fail all the classes basically. It's a shit town and if you actually like living in Zephyrhills,I have no idea how you can stand it. It smells bad. The only reason why someone would know about Zephyrhills is because of either... a.) the water bottle that says "Zephyrhills water" b.) rumors about sluts. If you ever end up in Zephyrhills, save your ass and get out! Go to Tampa, it's better.
Person 1: Let's go to Zephyrhills!
Person 2: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It's a shit hole and I don't want some sleazy sluts hitting on me.
by ppnacup July 15, 2012

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