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The mixed breed family dogs of the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands are called "potcakes". Families in the Islands are large, often with several generations living together. In poorer times, every meal was accompanied by a big pot of rice as a filler for the meal. The burnt rice 'cake' at the bottom of the pot when it was empty was usually thrown out in the yard for the dogs. Hence the dogs took on the name of their diet.
Some Islands in the Eastern Caribbean use the term "pot hound".
"Potcake" is sometimes used as an informal (and not too nasty) insult when talking among friends.
Dese potcakes howling all nite in da yard are gonna drive me crazy.
by potcake January 04, 2007
a poetic euphemism for the buildup and final release of orgasmic pleasure.
We danced and tumbled together in the big bed until we were overcome by the clouds and rain.
by potcake September 06, 2011

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