4 definitions by potato - boil 'em mash 'em stick 'em in a stew

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like porn, but not really a lot like porn. maybe a couple naked people or something like that.
there's something pornish on tv - there's something a bit like porn on.
an exceedingly kind, generous, caring, understanding and generally fantastic friend.
you're a whale of a friend.
great. so are you.
Basically hopefully but a typing error makes it written with a k instead of the first l.

used on internet to make people in on the joke laugh at the idiocy of the mistake,and also remember days gone by...
hopefukly i'll ace the exam
noise made when doing a slap handshake - adapted from the noise will and jazz made after a slap handshake on the fresh prince of bel-air and traditionally used when parting.
two people (together): pitisch!

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