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The annoying fat heffer of an office secretary that somehow always knows when someone has brought in food. You don't tell her about it, but when you open the box of donuts, there she is grubbing on them. Usually has stashes of assorted snacks such as Cheetos and Ring Dings in her desk drawers and cabinets.
Ralph: "Hey Brian, Kim brought in some bagels...come get one."

Brian: "Okay cool, I'll make sure I grab one before Judge Cheeto gets her paws on them."

Ralph: "Good idea...that bitch is ruthless when it comes to food."

Judge Cheeto: "I...smell.....BAGELS!"

Brian/Ralph: "Jesus Christ! It's on the loose! RUNNNNN!!!!!"
#cheetos #snacks #secretary #oa #heffer
by Potato Sack June 12, 2009
A girl who is down to ride as soon as the guy she's messing around with calls her. She's game for anything from parking garage hummers to riding his weenus while his wifey is away.
Victoria has achieved booty call status but won't admit it.
#booty #hook up #weenus #hummer #phone #call
by Potato Sack July 15, 2010
An over-hyped infant that shits golden eggs.
Hey, did you hear about that Royal Baby???

Yeah, that little cocksucker shits golden eggs!
#royal #baby #golden #eggs #media #over-hyped
by Potato Sack July 23, 2013
The most annoying of all American accents, just ahead of the Philadelphia accent. Most commonly heard from douchebag Red Sox fans who suddenly like to brag about the "Sawwwx" greatness, it sounds like someone cut out a chunk of their tongue, making it impossible for them to pronounce "r" when appropriate, and inserting the "r" sound into words where it doesn't exist. Extremely irritating, as is typical for Bostonians.
Example of a Boston Accent in conversation:

Sean: "Hey, wheah's Pawlie?"

Patrick: "I dunno, I just sawr him the uddah day at dah pahty. He was wicked drunk."

Sean: "Yeah, I sawr him theah too. He was pukin next to a pahked cah. Musta had a hawrrible hangovah the next day."

Patrick: "Yeah, I bet it was wicked. Hey, you going to da Sawwwx game dis Satahday?"

Sean: "Of couahs I'll be theah. Varitek is playing awrsome at catcha lately."
#boston #wicked #accent #annoying #irritating
by Potato Sack June 11, 2009
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