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The second book of the bible. Made famous by a bad ass named Moses who split the red sea in half, just like I did to your mom's vagina last night.
Exodus is a great book to read while on the toilet. Or your mom.
by Poster Nutbag June 06, 2003
A short bald guy with a big nose and one curly hair coming out of his head.
He lives a very quiet and boring life.
Nothing happened to Ziggy today.
by Poster Nutbag May 21, 2003
A public television show that I watched when I wanted to go to sleep. I think it was about space. But it could have been about pizza.
"Hey, did you catch Nova last night ?"

"Yup, slept like a baby."
by Poster Nutbag May 20, 2003
Voted best fish wrap 15 years running. A "newspaper" that thinks it's still 1875. Hey dumbfuck, you ever hear of a camera. Put down your pencil, it's the 21st century.
The Wall Street Journal has no crossword. What a worthless rag.
by Poster Nutbag June 20, 2003
A shin buster. What you might trip on while spelunking.
"Millions of stalactites incising my knees !!"
by Poster Nutbag May 21, 2003
a bog between two pieces of bread
(with onions and sardines on the side....now that's funky!!)
We went to Kank's Roadside for some grubb. I had the soup. Old Sal had the Bogwitch.
by Poster Nutbag June 10, 2003
The area of the clinic where all they do is fuck. So much fuckin goes on there that people's sicknesses are cured.
JimBob went to the hospital for anal warts and they were so full up he was sent to the fuckward. He came home with a size 10 poopshoot, but he was completely cured !!
by Poster Nutbag May 23, 2003

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