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British, Oz, Irish definition of the derriere, backside, bum, bottom, etc...

It is NOT a FANNY as you yanks call it, a fanny is a front bottom, vagina, beaver, hairy axe wound etc...
'Don't you stick that up my arse, it hurts.'
by Posh birds do it best February 07, 2005
Greek word for wanker.
Useful word to know when visiting Greece, as you'll need to use it.
"Ela re, Malaka"
"He's such a malaka!"
by Posh Birds Do It Best March 28, 2009
A town in Kent commonly confused with Tunbridge Wells. Houses a castle, some pubs and a river. And it also welcomes the late Henry Cooper and Kelly Holmes
"Where do you come from?" "Tonbridge." "Tunbridge Wells?" "No, Tonbridge." "Whats the difference?" "About 7 miles and the spelling."
by Posh Birds Do It Best December 27, 2011
Lady garden: the female downstairs parts.

Otherwise known as vagina, pussy, minge, gash, kebab, flange, fanjita, fanny, jack and danny, beef curtains, wizards sleeve, cunt, mingita, vag, snatch, twat, front bottom.
"Ooh me lady garden!"
"She had to go and shave her lady garden for tonight"
"Ladies, please remember not to bash the lady garden against the pole"
by Posh Birds Do It Best March 28, 2009
The Greek term for gangbang or threesome

Popular word. Dirty buggers.
"Ela, pame partouza!"
"You want partouza?"
by Posh Birds Do It Best January 25, 2012
The 'sleep' or muck you get in your eyes of a morning, or you just don't wash properly. Can be crusty. Not to be eaten.
'you've got eye bogies'
'I have crusty eyes, must be the eye bogies'
by Posh Birds Do It Best January 25, 2012
Britains only immigrant we actually managed to get rid of.
"Who's that girl?" "That's no girl, that's Madonna"
by Posh Birds Do It Best October 10, 2009
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