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1.When 3 or more males takes turn having sex with one female and having her perform sexual favors for them
1. Yo.... Jason, Sam I got this lil chicken head whose going to let us run a train on her
by Portia January 02, 2005
1. Enjoyable, fun, pleasurable
2. Going hard
Man that new twista beat be goin' fed
by Portia December 31, 2004
1. Calling someone's bluff
1.I challenged that nigga but he didn't do nothin so I pulled his hoe card
by Portia January 01, 2005
1. To confront someone
2. To charge someone up
1. That nigga was talking trash so I hemed him up
by Portia January 01, 2005
1. To push someone with malice
I muffed Desi's bitch ass in the back of the head
by Portia January 01, 2005
1.To have sex with
2.Your house
1. Girl im going to cut you up like you aint been cut up
2. Hey man man what are you doing? Nothin' son just chillin' in the cut
by Portia January 01, 2005
1. Used to refer to a female's private parts
1. Brian told me that Chad likes to eat that monkey
2. Shake that monkey hoe (too short)
by Portia January 02, 2005

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