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the absolute need/want to have sex. when you absolutly would fuck someone right then and there because you are so wet. a girl is horny when her pussy is wet, and i guy is horny when he has a boner. or both sexes can be horny by pre-cumming. *the exmaple below will make you horny, it made me horny just by writing it*
sammy was feeling rather horny. her hot, wet pussy was beating so fast, it was driving her insane. she knew it was a bad idea to be reading porn while her mother was home, and only two rooms away, but that made it more excited. she ran up to her room, locking the door. she layed down infront of the mirror and looked at her hairy pussy. she wrapped her legs around the mirror, and her pussy made a squeak sound because it was so went. sammy rubbed her clit. her legs started shaking as she rubbed faster and faster, her pussy oozing wet. she was almost close to cumming, but she knew if she kept rubbing her clit it wouldnt do much, so Sammy got up and found the sharp edge of a table. sammy then slowly moved her hips in a circular motion, making her pink pussy and the table rub up against each other. she then thrusted her hips faster, feeling the sharp edge of the table hit her pussy. it hurt, but she was close to having an orgasm. the sharp edge of the table made herr bright pink pussy turn a dark red color, and then sammy peed all over the table. the thought of cleaning that up didn't stop her from fucking the table. she felt the muscles in her stomach clench hard, and she moaned in pleasure at the orgasm. she threw her head back as she groaned loudly with pleasure, even though she knew her mom could hear. she fucked the table with all she hadshe fucked harder and harder as she moaned, and thats when she heard foot steps. her mom walked in just as she let out a shit load of cum.
by pornstarsexgoddess November 03, 2009

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