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Once you finally orgasm and let go of your hot load of cum. Typically you spill your babies all over your bitches face and/or breast, chicks dig that shit. Refers to the fact that you are killing thousands of possible babies each time you jack-off or titty-fuck your whore.
The other day, when I was getting head from Taylor, I spilled my babies and she swallowed. But then later she cried about "killing thousands of babies." What a dumb ass.
by porn4lyfe March 04, 2010
A male porn star. He's the equivalent of Justin Bieber in the porn industry; the girls are always drooling over him. He's got a nice thick dick that Faye Reagan seems to always be sucking little babies out of. He's sexual man chocolate.
Last night I was watching a porno with Dane Cross and Faye Reagan and I spilled my babies all over the brand new couch. My mom is going to kill me.
by porn4lyfe March 04, 2010

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