3 definitions by porky sanchez

A term used when describing some serious banana titties as seen in National Geographic
Dude - I just saw your mom in the shower - she's got some serious tribal boobies
by Porky Sanchez September 06, 2010
A distant relative to Dirty Sanchez. A porky sanchez occurs when having sexual intercourse from behind (preferably doggy style) - and the male pulls out and unexpectantly jams his cock into his partners cornhole causing the partner to squeal like a pig!! At this time the male pulls out, rolls the squealing partner over, and wipes his poop dick off under his partners nose!!
I think my dad gave my mom a porky sanchez tonight!! I heard her squealing like a pig and then a lot of cussing - then when she came in to kiss me good night - her upper lip smelled like ass!!
by Porky Sanchez September 19, 2010
A painful situation that men with a large sack experience while sleeping. This occurs when the sheet on the bed gets tied around your sack and chokes out your balls - causing extreme pain and turning your balls a bluish purple color
I woke up screaming this morning - my sheet was tied around my sack choking out my left nut. Worst case of blue balls I ever had
by porky sanchez September 06, 2010

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