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To work at a godless multinational food corporation wearing some god awful almost sub human uniform shelling out below standard food to fat almost human creatures in an enviroment that has
A) terrible colour scheme
B) loud high pitch noises
C) a 20/30 something boss that got laid once...and it was his cousin
D) coming home covered in scars that are caused by flying grease, hot water, burns from stove or food
E) suicidal/homicidal tendencys and thoughts occur often during your shift
"this mcjob fuckin blows"
"there is this woman at my mcjob that makes me want to jump over the counter and fork fuck her in the eye"
by porcupine November 24, 2003
The act of video taping sex acts with someone using night vision
I finally conviced my bitch to tape us fucking, but it was so dark we had to Paris Hilton it.
"God damn she is ugly, thank god i paris hiltoned you fuckin her or we would have see her face"
by porcupine November 24, 2003
To have large breasts only classifiable as D Nubbs.
Porky: "OMG her boobs are huge..they look like.."
Wisconsin: "Man those are definately D Nubs!"
by porcupine May 30, 2005
1. The mildew, fuzz, cheese found on the exterior of ones penis. Usually due to lack of cleanliness or wearing the same underwear for a week.
2. Similar to toe jam
3. Jessica's nick name
Porky: "OMG he had the worst shmagg ever!"
Shmagg: "Thats disgusting"
by porcupine May 30, 2005
A secret code name used for when you are fuckin your ex boyfriends best friend.
"My god, my treadmill is fuckin crazy in bed."
"Last night my treadmill and I had a great fuckin work out...he has a big cock"
by porcupine November 24, 2003

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