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1. Star wars was the cause of men all over the nation to become celibate, not by coice. It is said that George Lucas began a monstrous crusade to discontinue the entire human race from reproducing, thus stopping the reproduction of mankind.

2. One of the things a boyfriend will love more than his girlfriend, etc boyfriend.

3. The dawning of all eternal hell fire.

1. Girl: Hey do you want to come over to my house tonight, my parents arent home?
Male: No, i have to bid on a limited edition luke sky walker light saber and re-arrange my miniature star wars 2 figurines.
Girl: I never knew you were a devout catholic!

2. Refer to example prior.

3. Over a hundred geeks/nerds/etc stood inline for the newest star wars movie causing the deterioration of the organic balance in carbon dioxide to grealy increase at that central position of all of the homosexual/chaste beings to greatly diminish the oxygen levels in the surrounding areas, George Lucas knew it all would happen.
by porch monkey for life January 11, 2007

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