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When two or more people shitting on each other for fun get a rash from the sheer onslaught of runny hot shit all over their face.
'Andy seriously regretted taking Megan out for a curry after he went to work with scat rash of the cheek'

'What's that on your face? Oh it's just some scat rash. Me and Albert were scat slapping each other last night'

'Greg happy slapped Billy so hard he looked like he had scat rash for a month'
by popthecorksurf19 March 08, 2009
A slag whos arm permanently looks like a pin cushion because of all the needle marks in it.

Methsluts can frequently be found in disused coal bunkers and council flats.
'I saw a methslut lying in the road, I drove past'

'We thought jenny had chicken pocks, but no, she was just a methslut'

by popthecorksurf19 March 04, 2009

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