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When a male/female masturbates during comercial breaks.
Tom didnt want to miss his favourite show so he decided to pull a cumercial. He pulled his dick until a slight orgasm occured. He then cummed on the TV Barbra Walters face in the screen.
by popo's on the tail October 09, 2009
complicated but pleasurable sex position much like the 69 position but standing up.

Description: the male stands while holding his lover upside down. The male sucks the females genital area while the female returns the favour at the same time. Also known as the upside down squirter.
Serna Hunt and John Fuckadoodle were getting bored of their usual sex antics so they decided to spice it up with the JellyBean Split. John gradually rised Serena off her feet spun her around in an upsidedown posture. As he grasped her legs he split them open ina V shape manouver and got to work. At the same time Serena clutched his caves for support and began sucking John's cock. The upside down position made it easier to deep throat
by popo's on the tail October 09, 2009
When someone simutanously runs out of weed after you have already paid for said weed.
Stanley: "dude, i just paid Stewie to get me weed but now he says he's all out."

Kim: "Man you're so weedrupt! I would hate to be you." *while smoking a J*
by popo's on the tail October 09, 2009
A fat french person, (one who eats many croissants)
"Hey! Did you just see that Nous Nouse walk into La Vie en Rose?"
by popo's on the tail April 01, 2009
A sly and dangerous math teacher. Particularly one who eats many donuts, and lurks in the shadows at dances.
"That PoPo just ate my last donut, hes soo dangerous!"
by popo's on the tail April 01, 2009
One who has no eye lashes. May experience sore eyelids.
" That kid is a stretchy...where did his eyelashes go?"
by popo's on the tail April 01, 2009

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