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Raging Boner Syndrome

When one conceives of a boner that results in a massive erection that is capable of being seen from under layers for clothes.
"I had RBS the other day at dinner, and I couldn't get up to walk without having to think of Ellen Degeneres, the Zima man, cow manure, and my mom naked."

See also Ron Burgundy in 'The Anchroman'.
#raging #boner #syndrome #penis #massive #erection
by popngen September 29, 2008
a play on 'lover'

Garnered from an Italian saying the English word "lover" with an accent.

Can be used in place of "love".
"I loafer this food"
"Oi, you're my latin loafer."
"I am your loafer, koom keese me"
"I loafer soakin' cork!"
#love #lover #loaf #like #loof
by popngen March 24, 2009
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