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An unattractive female, particularly one who looks like she may have recently been travelling in a swampland.
Went to the club last night. Ol' Swampy was there, lookin like Chastity Bono.
by popmafia July 01, 2010
A dance wherein you stay in one place but shuffle your feet vigorously, extend your hands like paws repeatedly, and meow in people's faces as loudly, but also as seductively, as you can. Usually done by women.
Ol' Swampy came up in here tryin to do the Kitty Cat Shuffle. Nah, sen.
by popmafia July 07, 2010
A girl of a certain class, of a certain intelligence; one who knows what a falcon wants, what a falcon needs, and won't settle for less.
She owns this room. Look at her doing the Kitty Cat Shuffle. She is SUCH a Hot Falcon.
by popmafia July 07, 2010
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