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It is what happens when a jealous philippina woman, usually a hooker or girlfriend, finds out you have been screwing around with other women, (called being a butterfly). She cuts off you cock and balls with a staight razor while your very drunk and sleeping, and then tries to feed them to you.
When Hot Cherrie found out that her sailor-boy Johnny was butterflying with the other bar girls, she got him really wasted on Mojo and gave him a filippino hair cut after he passed out last night. Ouch!
by popeye1369 October 30, 2010
An alcoholic beverage served to sailors in the Philippines, which is a concoction of all the different booze in the bar, mixed with fruit juices and ice, and comes in a big pitcher.
Sam: Man! This Mojo sure taste great, but I have killed most of this pitcher by myself and I don't feel a damned thing!

Dave: Oh yeah. Wait till you try and stand up to go take a leak.

Sam: Whoaooo! Holly Shit! Dude! I am totally fucking WASTED!!!
by popeye1369 October 30, 2010

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