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2 definitions by popelady

Somebody who finds it difficult to intereact with us lesser mortals.
A nerd is someone who has Social ineptitude. A geek differes from them, in the fact that he/she doesn't have Social ineptitude
by Popelady June 26, 2011
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Taken from XKCD comic number 945. xkcd.com/945/

A unnecessary or pointless use of the word "sorry". The rule states:

Rule 945 can be invoked by anyone who hears the word "sorry" in a circumstance the person saying it has no responsibly in the situation. Punishments vary from person to person, but the general rule of thumb is to ignore the person until they a) hand you the latest XKCD comic, printed on A3 paper, b) give you a hug, c) have pity sex with you, d) bring you hot chocolate and comfort food whist you cry (in situations where comfort is needed)
"My cat died" "I'm sorry" "rule 945"
"My mom's house burned down" "Oh, I'm sorry" "I call rule 945 on that"

"damn, i burned the chips again" "Sorry" "Rule 945"
by popelady November 13, 2011
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