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ejaculate, possibly nocturnal emission.
Aww man, ma pee hole be stuck shut with pajama glue again ! MAAAAAA, HEP ME PUUULEEEEZZZZ !!
by pooter September 15, 2004
a gay person who likes to dress in cowboy gear.
Damn look at all the CRISCO COWBOYS and the CW bar tonight !
yeah honey they are HOT ! but they'll never give us a spangle neckless, they only want to eat their OWN beef chowder !
by pooter September 15, 2004
When a girls stomache hangs way over her pants and belt....a smaller version is a fu-pa.....
woooooww look at the flop-da on her its way past the fu-pa stage....hehe
by pooter April 06, 2005
When you eat alot of cheesy food and alot of blue Jell-O. You get all constipated so you have to drink Milk of Magnesium. Then you go to your school's locker room and shit. It looks like a meaty Jello mmmmm...
Jay is the sickest little bastard I know. He once shot a huge steamy Meat Jello at a church charity. Right into the donation basket!
by Pooter April 06, 2005
a girls belly that sticks out farther than her belt when they are standing up. also look under flop-da
oh my god Look at her fu-pa!
by pooter April 06, 2005
da best word ever! can be used for anything!
o huming, poop this!
by pooter October 27, 2003
person of indeterminate race
yo bro that fine azz skittle be jockin' fo' you streight up
by pooter September 15, 2004
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