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A synonym for blue jeans or Levi's. Brigham Young University (BYU) is owned by the Mormon church, which has very strict rules about chastity. A large number of BYU students regularly participate in Levi lovin' or dry humping, because they are trying to get it on without having real intercourse. So, in a sense, their jeans are protecting them from having sex.
Yeah, we were getting it on and I blew my load, but luckily I had on my BYU condom. I wonder if she noticed?
#byu #brigham young university #mormon #dry humping #levi's
by poopstone July 11, 2006
When a man attempts to appear to have female genitalia by tucking his junk behind his thighs or in his crack.
My favorite part in <i>Ace Ventura: Pet Detective</i> was when they lifted up the skirt on the lady and it turned out to be a guy doing a french tuck. It looked like a nasty case of hemorrhoids.
#frenchtuck #transvestites #french #tuck #ace ventura
by poopstone July 10, 2006
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