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this is where to girls are really good friends. Much like a bromance, accept between two girls, or women.
Nikki and Paris were lesbi-friends.
by Poopskie January 17, 2009
literally spanish words for anal rum. often used to make fun of you for acting gay. generally used for making someone look like an idiot, since most commonly spanish speakers dont stop to think about the word polano, which means "from anus".
te gusta el ron polano? (do you like ass rum?a.k.a. do you eat asshole? )
by poopskie September 15, 2008
spanish slang for pack of cigarettes. Its usage is in almost always among people who come from Panama.
jefe, dame un quetun de blancos.
by poopskie January 27, 2009
When you let the enemy invade half of your country, while you wait for winter to kill them all.
Napoleon, Hitler, any invader of the motherland. Russian victories.
by poopskie April 23, 2009
Spanish for banana-like fruit called plantain. Its slang use is as a word for dick, penis, or cock.
Yo meti mi platano en la maldita prostituta. I stuck my dick in the bad prostitute.
by poopskie January 05, 2009
street term for the over the counter opiate oxy contin. gets the name bean from the way it looks, similar to various types of beans. highly addictive. the bean can be smoke, snorted, taken orally, or intraveniously.
i just scored some bean, im gonna get fucked up.
by Poopskie January 08, 2009

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