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Disgusting gooey vagina that can be smelled from miles away.
Tell your mom to wash her googina! I can't stand smelling her go by!
by poopoomanolo May 20, 2009
Emule, used strictly for downloading filthy shemale porn and dirty tranny action.
My shemule downloads asian tranny porn much faster than your lame ass shemule.
by poopoomanolo May 20, 2009
The famous cartoon characters brother, who suffers a terrible urinal incontinence. Disliked by kids, as he wets them with urine while he flies around neverland.
Since pee-ter pan moved to the hood, cars have been oxidizing much faster in my street.
by poopoomanolo May 19, 2009
Romanian hooker that resembles a troll, most of the times with no teeth. A trollmanian can infect you with several venereal diseases, but can also be very enjoyable for a very low price.
It is not recommended to deal with trollmanians unless you have previously shagged at least a hundred filthy hookers.
since the trollmanians set their caravans in our town, chlamydia cases grew in a 300 percent.
by poopoomanolo May 20, 2009
An extreme faction of the islamic radical group hizbullah.
Known for kidnapping westerners and taking disgusting craps in their chests and mouths while filming it and sending it to CNN.
It's actually much worse than Hizbullah, because the shitbullah will eventually let you free, and you will not only feel very sick, but also very ashamed. This is why many westerners, after being kidnapped by shitbullah, never return to their countries and join this radical group themselves, becoming poororists (poo terrorists)
The shitbullah attacked by surprise.
We had nothing to do, they tied us, blindfolded us and fed us poo.

Poo that came out from the ass of a guy named Rashid.

I'll never forget that name. Rashid.

God have mercy.
by poopoomanolo May 20, 2009

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