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When a man with large floppy balls accidentally sits down on his own testicles, causing much shouting and pain.
Brian sat down too quickly, and ended up on one of his own balls. Got Sack Sat Son!
by poopoo shirt May 19, 2008
When a man is given a blowjob while flying down an aisle on trolly.
"Alex M gave Alex M a Trolly Waffle on the speeding train to Fagtopia."
by poopoo shirt May 19, 2008
a a a a a a a a a a a gay people!
Gay people go to France because anus's are tougher there.
by poopoo shirt May 19, 2008
When something flicks or nicks the very tip of the penis and a cock-numbing pain results, much like being electrically shocked.
When Kyle flicked Colby's tiny penis, he only nicked the tip, giving Colby a bad case of Cock Shock
by poopoo shirt May 19, 2008
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