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To PWN and/or rape a novie.
wow dude you just got roffed.

dude i just roffed some noob.

yeah bitch you got roffed!
by pooplip March 21, 2008
a firm chopped type of canine usually with a bottom lip sticking out an inch or two. may also be nicknamed "pooplip"
"dude i just got this really cute dog and its definetly a dooue...."
by pooplip April 08, 2008
To throttle the chops of a doo and offer affection or gratitude.
ohhhhhhh! I just Curled Pielz Chops

man i could go for a curl right now.
by pooplip March 21, 2008

Stinky, smelly, rotten, gruesome example of a human being

also: MSB- Maximum Scumbag, USB- Uber Scumbag
wow check out the SB'S sitting in front of stewarts

wow SB's go back to your shit hole you call a house!
by pooplip March 21, 2008
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