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The act of recieving a chat from a person you do not wish to talk to, and then deciding to stay online (unlike offline race), but not do anything that they would see that would show them that you are online (e.g. states updates, comments, etc.). This nifty maneuver is done in hopes that the person chatting you will think that you left facebook up on your computer.
She won't stop chatting me; however, this time I used the facebook hiding tactic and it worked wonderfully.
by pooplamp13 September 11, 2011
When one is on facebook, gets a chat, and decides to quickly leave facebook in hopes of the other person assumes you just left before they sent the chat, also see facebook freeze.
Hey man, Jill just totally offline raced away when i chatted her.
by pooplamp13 September 11, 2011

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