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Pussy Lips Ass Titties

The 4 prime characteristics a young adolescent male wants in a female.
"Hey Melvin, do you see that girl over there?"
"Dood yeah I do. Ooohweee, P.L.A.T., she's got it all."
by Poopdogg February 22, 2012
1. adj. (from Google) Belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood
2. noun (from Google) A local person or thing, in particular
2a. Focusing on the later, it is a slang term certain Indian boys say to explain their enthusiasm upon seeing a beautiful girl at the gym, some park, or around the neighborhood
Melvin: "So what's the locality rating today?"
Mr. V: "I'd say around a 6.9. But dude, you should've been at Belmont Park yesterday, it was a good 7.5."
Melvin: "Hmmm..."

Get your local fresh produce today!

Drake: "Started off local, but thanks to all the haters I know G4 pilots on a first name basis..."
by Poopdogg July 18, 2012
To recieve a blow job/cop some dome/get some head.
"Yo man I just got some ace in the bathroom."
by poopdogg December 12, 2004
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