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Someone who is Mexican and also Jewish.
Ted: dude that mexican guy charged me $3.50 for a fuckin taco...

Xavier: what a spickike.
by poopboobs187 June 24, 2011
The act of expelling a large amount of diarrhea on a womans stomach, then dipping your ass cheecks into the wet poop mess and pulling them out to leave an imprint resembling that of an elephant track.
Ted: I was boning down with your mother last night and suddenly had to shit like hella. I barely turned around and my shit blasted all over her gut and I slipped back and my ass cheecks landed in it. I got up and it looked like elephant tracks.

Xavier: Damn, thats sounds awesome!
by poopboobs187 June 24, 2011
One who sticks his penis into a bucket of fish guts.

Can be used in place of... buddy, pal, man, dude, bro, spic, moolie, or kooncoli.
Xavier: What up chum fucker?

Ted: Fuckin yer mom.
by poopboobs187 June 24, 2011
A drug prescribed for people suffering from pricoli syndrome.
My wife said i was being a prick the other day, she's making me take pricolis now.
by poopboobs187 June 24, 2011
Squirting semen onto ones upper lip and cheecks, then tearing out their pubic hair and applying it to their face. Leaving them looking somewhat like a catfish.
Ted: I told your mom to shave it up last week and she totally didn't. I had to give that bitch the catfish to teach her a lesson.

Xavier: Bitch shouldn't be testin a pimp like my nigga T dawg!
by poopboobs187 June 24, 2011
Similar to the "Dirty Sanchez" the cackler involves the act of anal intercourse, leading to excavation of feces via the penis, which is then applied on to the uppper lip in the form of a Hitler style mustache.
Yo dawg, ya know that bitch I fucked at the party last night?...I totally gave that skank the cackler!
by poopboobs187 June 23, 2011
Dried up fecal matter left in ones belly button after receiving elephant tracks when removed it resembles a small pot pie.
Ted: So dude did you like that pot pie your mom gave you this morning?

Xavier: It tasted like shit bro.
by poopboobs187 June 24, 2011

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