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1 definition by poopagina

Producing sexual stimulation by defecating into a woman's vagina, essentially using one's stool as a phallus, or substitute for the male genitalia.

A "perfect poopagina" requires forming an air-tight seal between the anus & vagina, never allowing the stool to "breathe" outside air.

The term "poopagina" was coined by Angel Rodriquez at UCLA's Hedrick Dining Hall, sometime around 2001, during a round-table discussion on the origin of sexual fetishes and how they are formulated.

The term "poopagina" has grown in popularity amongst the college circuit, most notably amongst California-based schools and universities.

Variations of the term include the following phrases:

1) 'Gine my poop - A command, made by a male, demanding that a female take, into their vagina, the male's stool (poop).

2) Poop my 'gine - A command, made by a female of their male partner, to have stool (poop) shoved into their vagina.
Last night, I realized the culmination of my being, when I threw down a poopagina on my ex-girlfriend.

I took this slutty sorority girl up to my dorm, after a mixer, and was all set to bone down, but when she screamed out "Poop my 'gine!", I had to stop and think, for a second, about what kind of person I would be if I fulfilled her request. In a drunken stupor, I yelled out "GINE MY POOP!" at the top of my lungs and proceeded to slam down a steamy loaf into her gaping vagina.
by poopagina August 09, 2010