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An anus so prone to abuse that it appears red and splotchy like a strawberry.
Wow, after last nights assbanging she's got a strawberry anus this morning.
by poop_jesus April 05, 2006
One who farms "butts" either in the confines their private plantation, or in a public area.
That old guy is a buttfarmer.
by poop_jesus April 05, 2006
That little gay mustache "cool" people have under their lower lip. Aside from asthetic purposes, the "fag mop" is mostly used to capture semen after giving gay oral sex.
His fag mop prevented my manjuice from trickling down too far.
by Poop_jesus July 20, 2006
One who is beyond the traditional definition of being drunk. They must meet 2 of the following 3 requirements:

1) Take prescription medications with copious amounts of alcohol. These prescription medications must not include antibiotics, antifungals, or antidepressants. They must fall into one of the following categories: Valium, Vicodin (or Vicodin derivatives), Xanax. A mix of all three categories is preferable.
2) Eat Whataburger late at night and not remember doing so the following day. Or if one does remember, they must consider it the most delicious food ever to grace the planet known as Earth.
3) One must pass out during mid french fry ketchup (or catsup) dip with one's hand gracing the ketchup (or catsup) container and/or dish.
I got so dunk last night that I can hardly remember getting my strawberry anus.

My fag mop is especially moist this morning due to the fact that I was dunk.

That ass farmer got dunk.
by poop_jesus August 08, 2006
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