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Someone's who's gayness, doubachery, or toolbagness extends to the uttermost ends of the universe. If you ever want to find an example of an ultrafag go to the institution of the Landon School located in Maryland, not too far from D.C. They are everywhere.
"Dude have you seen transformers, its like the best movie ever. I'm gonna get hammered real quick before I bone like three chicks tonight. Holy hell, I'm gonna be the sweetest mother fucker sicne Johnny Depp. Sweet brah, yo broski, you gonna come to the party tonight? We're all gonna bone each other where the sun don't shine cus were sweet as sugar. Fuck yea." -ultrafag
#landon #ultrafag #fag #georgetown prep #st. stephen's st. agnes #st stephens #st agnes #bullis #episcopal #ehs #sssas #dematha #woodberry forest #woodbury forest
by poop247 January 03, 2008
a tool is a guy who is about as gay as you can be around girls. a tool will often become excited for no reason over the dumbest shit so he can look cool around girls. tools will often only be your friend to get to others. a tool is also commonly a douchebag. if you know someone who says every movie they see is "the best movie ever", they are a complete tool and an ultrafag
toolbag: "hey man you want to go hit up McDonnald's later. I could go for like a sweet ass burger. Dude and then after lets go to this sweet party and if it sucks then lets go see transformers cus I already saw it and its like the best movie ever. And if that doesnt go down we can all just circle jerk each other. Fuckin sweet brah"
#ultrafag #landon #georgetown prep #michael grossman #ray lynn junior
by poop247 January 03, 2008
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