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95 definitions by poop

n.the noise a fart makes when you are sitting on the couch with some people, and you try to hide it, but it sneaks out
Marks ass: skeeeeeeeek
jane: ewwww, mark totally just skeeeked
wayne: ha ha, your chances of getting cooch tonite are slim mark
marks mouth: F U
by poop April 09, 2005
1- One who partakes in grabbing the boobies. They often hang outside little girls' bedroom windows.

2- A midgit retard that waits outside of girls rooms and taps on there windows and has them lean there titties out the window while he sucks on them.
Suzy heard the ratta tat tat of the mother fucking titty mongrawl.
by poop January 21, 2004
The brown long stuff that comes out of your ass
poop is digested food that exits the anus
by poop July 31, 2003
man, manicx is a real queer, just like all those other computer nerds
by poop June 07, 2003
nagger batch coming from the words nigger and bitch, basically is how a hick would say "nigger bitch."
that nagger batch just took some grain from my crops!
by poop July 11, 2004
replacment for a curse
homer simson always says do'h when hes mad
by poop December 14, 2003
-something that is cool/attractive
-for singular people
- we are talking about one person here.
-kthnxbye's sister in law and kewliez's brother.
" justin is a total hottiez!"
" that bag is hottiez like whoa"
by poop June 25, 2003