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95 definitions by poop

the facial hair below ur lower lip.
"cool pillay bra!"

Derivation: teacher at nsbhs has one and i didnt know wot it was called so it is now a pillay
by poop September 20, 2003
special plant that grows places
weed is phat.... and by phat i dont mean fat but phat... with a ph
by poop August 23, 2003
to address someone who is skilled in the area of cooking breakfast
me: what up home skillet?
my mom: take out the trash
by poop April 09, 2005
Also called Arnie, Arludia, or Aaron. A very odd creature who pulls off a great retard impression but is also dead sexy in his own queer way.
Daaaaayyyyyyuuuummmmm.... Arnelda, you be one sexy motha fugga! (HOLLA)!
by poop December 22, 2004
furry creature that humps D.I.L.F's legs
eek eek bump bump, furry e-walk like to hump
by poop August 26, 2003
the best band ever!
I went to the domp dynamite concert last night
by poop May 25, 2003
german word for pussy.

a bit outdated these days, often used for guys who don't behave well (telling you are disappointed about him in a funny way)
"du bist zu spät du funz"

"you are too late, my little pussy"
by poop April 16, 2005