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A Sexual position. Turing the female sideays and ridding her leg while fucking hew sideways.
Watched the Dirty Sascrouch on a porno.
by POOP April 20, 2004
a green weak skinny alien shit head, that fucken kids watch
hey look its pickolo
by poop November 13, 2003
see pussy

female's hairy part between clit and bellybutton

notice: be aware with giving too long oral action. it might result in nosebleeding (overexciting the nasal mucosa).
bush is a hairy pussy
by poop April 23, 2005
An animal that resembles a deer. They are a prized by Mr. Hinckle. The elk is extremely intelligent and are good inventors. They have constructed many gadgets for Hinckle and are currently working on a way for him to have a 3 million chicken farm. They are also in his special forces units and are helping him to overthrow the world. If you see an Elk, follow it for it may lead you to Hinckle's secret lair. If so, contact everyone you can so we can once and for all defeat Mr. Hinckle!!!
I found an Elk in my cereal.
by poop March 27, 2003
A word that Emily uses when she runs out of insults.
Dave: Emily, you are a douche bag!

Emily: Dave...you are...uh....uh...(speech turns into a series of slobberings and stutterings)..you are Gayve!
by Poop January 15, 2003
What retards say when they think they where listening.

Dont you 'finger...?
'tard: you got panoiled..
Player:PANOOLIED asshat...
by PooP April 27, 2004
the deck were massing occurs
(also see mass)
(also see crete)
Let's go crete on the mass-deck.
by poop December 13, 2003
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